Molecular Gastronomy: Caramel Apple in Reverse

Hello again!

Thomas here to talk about a new dessert in the works.

I recently came across a new technique that I would like to share with all of you. This is quite a neat but weird concoction and is created by the reaction between calcium and low methoxly pectin. First off, what is pectin? Pectin is extracted from the skins of ripe fruits such as apples, blueberries or even citrus and is used to thicken jams and jellies. The cool thing about pectin is that there are two different types; high methoxy and low methoxy. The difference between the two is high methoxy is made with limes or lemons and is most commonly used when the sugar content of the jam is high. The other, low methoxly pectin, is used in sugar free jams and needs calcium ions to gel. Since now we know what pectin is on a scientific level we can start to play with this idea a little bit. If calcium and pectin react then why can't we make something like, say, caramel mousse? So I decided to add calcium to it to see if the pectin would attach to it to form a gel of apple juice and pectin mix on the outside. Hey what do you know, it works really well! But this standing alone is not enough to compose a dessert now is it?

Let’s think for a moment about caramel apples. They come from candy shops and big events like fairs. Ok so caramel apples and.... chorros! That's a match made in heaven! Ok, so I am looking for three flavors. How about popcorn? Popcorn is also commonly found at the fair. And ice cream as well hmm.. Of course I am going to put all of these together to create one fun experience and hopefully, if I do it right, the perception of eating at the fair. Ha! When I was a kid it was one or the other, candy apple or churro. Usually the decision I made was good but yet I still wanted my brother's or sister's choice as well.  Now you can come to Windows and enjoy everything all at once without mom telling you no!! The dessert will be a combination of these three flavors. The popcorn will be in the form of ice cream. Yum! Churrros will be small but the same. And the apple? Well you're just going to have to come in to Windows on the Water to find out for your self!

I look foward to seeing you there soon and thanks for stoping by. Until next time good day.